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A spa called Salon and Spa Galleria for professionals | RDS Real Estate

A spa called Salon and Spa Galleria

A spa created by the owner, Ron Sturgeon of  RDS Real Estate, called Salon and Spa Galleria is changing the pulse and status of beauty and wellness small business owners in the DFW area.  Finding suitable space lease for a beauty or wellness career isn’t the easiest endeavor, or at least not until the creation of the spa. Call for a tour of this spa with a leasing agent from RDS Real Estate.


Your prospects for a space rent studio that makes sense for your budget and your success just blew off the charts. Even a new professional can afford this combination service and space retail opportunity at Salon and Spa Galleria.  RDS Real Estate makes it affordable to locate in their space to rent, created just for your profession.  Call now and tour this spa for all of the details.

Professionals seek affordable space for lease

Professionals seek affordable space for lease so that they can operate their businesses and serve their clients without undo stress worrying about how they’ll pay their rents. If more commercial brokers designed their spaces for lease to make it easier for small business owners to thrive, it could change our country and our economic status.


Areas like Frisco’s Stonebriar mall is one of many retail areas that draw huge numbers of shoppers. For that reason it makes it a targeted spot for service businesses like Salon and Spa Galleria. That is where you’ll find all three of the Salon and Spa Galleria’s locations, front and center of hubs. Call for a studio for tanning and feel free to open tanning in grapevine, Burleson or Arlington or all three locations of this spa, by RDS Real Estate.

Business enhancing space for rent

Business enhancing space for rent at the Salon and Spa Galleria allows for the smallest of businesses to thrive and grow their careers, and do so in the splendor and luxury of a spa environment, along with peers and the support of a leading business consultant and landlord. Estheticians who give skin care and hair removal wax will appreciate that you can access your studio 24/7 and can have plenty of sinks and a shower if you desire.


Open a studio for skin care and wax in grapevine, in Burleson or Arlington locations, or all of them. At the entrance to the Grapevine mill mall is the first location, S. Cooper Street for the 2nd location and Burleson for the 3rd location. Grapevine mall just opened a new wing, so call to see the newest studios at this fabulous spa by RDS Real Estate.

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