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Spa beauty salons for rent are mini salons called private studios | RDS Real Estate

Spa beauty salons for rent

Spa beauty salons for rent are more than they seem, these are mini salons called private studios and they are within a community luxury spa at Salon and Spa Galleria. RDS Real Estate is a broker who specializes in small business and offers alternatives to the customary booth rental agreements and  booth rental in Arlington. The Salon and Spa Galleria in Arlington recently opened offering beauty and health professionals the choice of operating totally independently.


The booth rental contract has alternatives now and these studio lease packages are designed to promote professionals in their businesses and help them to grow. There are no additional charges, fees and restriction of activity that is typical of booth rental contracts. See these beauty salons for rent and choose your private studio by calling RDS Real Estate.

Private studios over booth rental

Private studios over booth rental is the choice of the professionals of course, and though the classic  booth rentals are adequate for a professional who wants to be on their own,  booth-rental is lacking in some very important features that are beneficial for optimal operations and superior business growth.


RDS Real Estate has long been known to the community as a small business builder. Visit the Salon and Spa Galleria and speak to some of the professionals operating there, like the hair color experts who have seized the opportunity to use the mini beauty salons for rent to their best advantage. Call RDS Real Estate to begin your independent future at Salon and Spa Galleria, either in Grapevine or Arlilngton.

Similar to booth rental agreement

Similar to the booth rental agreement, the private studio lease package is for a space to operate your business in, but that is where the similarities end. Options like equipment leasing for instance your hair salon chair and shampoo bowl and business assistance like free hair stylist business card designs and free seminars on business, make clear the vast differences.


Choose your own hair stylist chairs and please your clients and stylize your surroundings. Floor to ceiling mirrors are popular among the tenants and you are free to paint, wallpaper and create your space just the way you prefer. Rewrite your own  hair stylist job description as owner hair stylist by choosing one of these private studio beauty salons for rent by RDS Real Estate.

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