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Southlake Texas near a Grapevine spa | RDS Real Estate

Southlake Texas near a Grapevine spa

Southlake texas near a Grapevine spa, has a wealth of population that can become your new clientele at the Salon and Spa Galleria at Grapevine by RDS Real Estate.  Space for rent in high rent districts has in the past turned away even the most established beauty and wellness professional. Ron Sturgeon, the creator of the Salon and Spa Galleria, has answered the cries for affordable leasing.


This spa space lease with its prime location and luxury amenities is attracting the best of the best in beauty and wellness. Now even new business owners that are new to the industry can open right up and begin building clientele.  Affordable space rent and affordable equipment rentals create the best of all worlds for a small business owner.  Call RDS Real Estate for combo service and space retail near Southlake texas.

Client affection for the spa

Client affections for the spa serve to keep the atmosphere lively and inviting and the warmth of the professionals along with their care of the individual clients creates a special mix of healing energy at Salon and Spa Galleria.  You’ll want to tour the space to rent at the spa to see if it fits into your dreams and aspirations.


RDS Real Estate provides free wifi, free websites, free press releases and full amenities with their spaces for lease, unheard of in the leasing community. Grapevine Mills is a draw for the entire DFW area like Frisco’s Stonebriar mall. See the spaces that make sense for tanning business owners that is very near the community of southlake texas and many more by calling RDS Real Estate.

Modify your space for lease

Modify your space for lease anyway you see fit as when you lease a studio at Salon and Spa Galleria it can be a clean slate, or it can include some furnishings, you are in charge. Your space comes with a locking door if you lease a private space. You can also lease booth space, or you can share a space. There is also the provision for a daily space for mobile professionals.


Double studios may make sense for a business of tanning in grapevine because of the size of the tanning booths and the need for office space for administration. ADA approved restrooms have already been installed for the entire spa, so is not a worry for the tenant. Showers for estheticians and custom shelves and such for wax, specialize your wax in grapevine and earmarks you as the professional at grapevine mill mall near southlake texas. Grow your business by association with RDS Real Estate, call now.

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