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Success in a short term rental

It isn’t as hard to find a short term rental as you might think, that is when you work with RDS Real Estate who is in the business of helping business and anyone who has a rental need met. Call Ron Sturgeon’s office at RDS Real Estate and find out that there is no such thing as a standard lease agreement with RDS Real Estate as it is always a custom lease agreement to fit into the tenant’s needs.

Visit the very interesting offices of RDS Real Estate at the Sturgeon business park within the Sturgeon industrial park, that by the way has some available space for lease in this prime location that is convenient to all areas of the metroplex including Dallas and the airport. There is so much to love about RDS Real Estate like the lease of the most luxurious summer home that you can set your eyes on. Sure, you can be successful at finding a short term rental, just call and ask for an appointment and get ready for some fun too.

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A space for retail in Arlington is ready

A space for retail in arlington now found for your business allows you to consider relaxing a bit in the summer home rental of RDS Real Estate, even if just for a weekend. You can enjoy the very best in entertainment, luxury and relaxation at a nearby retreat in Colleyville that is offered up now as a summer rental or a super bowl home rental where you can house all of your friends and family.

The best super bowl home rentals may not have 7 fireplaces, gourmet kitchen includes one of those, 500 jets in the ceiling of the master bath and a waterfall, four bedrooms all with their own bathrooms, media room of course and glass walled gathering room plus a 2 story European library and so much more, you can’t possibly imagine except for a sneak peak on the website, but it isn’t like a tour. This is one example of the type of short term rental offerings that Ron Sturgeon and RDS Real Estate provides for their clients. Call today.

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Special event venue extraordinaire

This special event venue simply has everything you need to make the occasion of leasing a super bowl house rental the absolute highlight of your year and that of your friends and family or associates. The multi car garage that is conditioned for comfort will make the largest party room for the largest group of fans. Of course as in all of RDS Real Estate’s custom leases, this superior of all super bowl house rentals can be outfitted with as many mega screen tvs as you desire, catering or any other amenity to make your week extraordinary.

Perfection in a super bowl rental isn’t just on superbowl Sunday, this short term rental can have anything and everything that custom rentals can provide when you have the cooperation of a very savvy real estate broker and entrepreneur. Call today and begin to imagine all that your new year can hold in terms of success and relaxation. RDS Real Estate is a name that should be spread all over the metroplex, but you better secure the superbowl home rental first, before someone else grabs it.

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