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Your salon business in style and luxury

Begin your salon business in style and luxury as you discover the opportunity to lease a piece of a mini retreat at Salon and Spa Galleria presented by RDS Real Estate. As a hair care professional in this day and age, even though there are scores of other hair stylists, there can never be too many as each stylist has their own style, talent, personality and specialty.


All professionals in the beauty industry are artists in their own right, but if you are a roaming professional like a make up artist you’ll appreciate the way you can be your own artist management and delight your makeup artist agency with the flexibility of lease offerings of RDS Real Estate and Salon and Spa Galleria. The amazing ability to customize any of the studios to suit your style and desires is amazing. Call today and begin your salon business soon.

Manageable salon ownership

Now some think that they can never be in salon ownership but that is a misnomer and many miss their chance at small business ownership because they have been misled. RDS Real Estate has been lhelping professionals launch their stylist careers for years and the offer is now open to you. Tour and choose a suite salon by working with the leasing agent of Salon and Spa Galleria and become empowered.


As one of the many beauty professionals who chooses to be in the salon business you can set yourself apart by being able to express your individuality at the Salon and Spa Galleria. If you can imagine it you can design and accomplish it within your customizable studio in the community of like minded professionals already running their businesses at the spa. Call RDS Real Estate today.

Expanding salon industry

The ever expanding salon industry is becoming quite sophisticated in keeping with the more sophisticated clients of today. With the internet explosion and the ability to merge styles all over the world, the demand for talented and progressive hair professionals has never been greater. Step into the future and step into the luxury of the Salon and Spa Galleria with your talent and lease one of the mini beauty salons for rent.


If you are currently in a booth rental and your  booth rental agreement is about to expire, make sure to make the call to RDS Real Estate who will show you how to successfully move out of the  booth rental agreements and into a private studio that you design, wetting yourself completely free to run your own salon business within the Salon and Spa Galleria affordably and comfortably, call now.

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