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Rock your Hair Cuts with a new studio | RDS Real Estate

Rock your hair cuts with new studio

Rock your hair cuts with a new studio at the Salon and Spa Galleria, in a private space offered by RDS Real Estate. New stylists who desire or think they desire to be in business for themselves and are seeking a private space for their hair salon, will be happy to learn of the business assistance at this spa. Your ability to afford to open your own hair salon in grapevine may be a dream, but it could be a reality.


Call RDS Real Estate as a seasoned hair styler for a real boost to your career and a new found credibility. Your techniques for hairstyling just may put you on the maps, call for a tour of the Salon and Spa Galleria and consider traveling back and forth between the three locations to do your hair cuts at all three.

Fashion and hair in Grapevine

Fashion and hair in grapevine are hot topics and the services are hotly in demand at the Salon and Spa Galleria.  The Grapevine location is near the community of Keller texas making it an easy commute for professionals and clients alike. All of the spa locations are in prime areas with great access and parking and just off the interstates.


Choosing the lease property at the spa by RDS Real Estate is a no-brainer, a real excitement and so much fun to equip and decorate in any style that is you at the Salon and Spa Galleria private studio that you choose.  Lease rental is affordable for almost all even though this lease retail space is premium and luxuriously wrought.  Call now and make perform your hair cuts in a new studio in a short time.

Hair removal studio for lease

Estheticians are not to be forgotten, as the studios for hair removal are highly in demand at the Salon and Spa Galleria. With private and premium lease space available for your customization, you can have a space that is everything you need to perform your services the way you want. If you need a shower for your clients or multiple sinks, the custom features accommodate.


Custom built shelving, drawers, showcases and such is perfect for retail like lotion, make up and hair products.  Makeup artists carve out just the right amount of space for their services to save resources and keep a small footprint.  Call RDS Real Estate and be in your new studio for hair cuts this season.

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