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Where retro meets vintage at Retail Shops in Arlington | RDS Real Estate

Retro meets vintage retail shops in Arlington

Retro meets vintage at the retail shops in arlington inside the Salon and Spa Galleria. Hairstylists and nail artists have studios that are a natural match with a wedding shoppe for resourceful entrepreneurs who discover RDS Real Estate and the spa. The isis bridal boutique is great, but it isn’t inside a spa. Your new customers will delight in visiting your boutique as they have personal care in the spa.


Bring your ideas for a unique boutique to Ron Sturgeon, owner of RDS Real Estate and your goals for a space and let Mr. Mission Possible work out a space lease for you that is business enhancing magnificence.  Your new custom boutique cleverly placed in your custom spa studio can be everything you have dreamed of and so much more at these retail shops in arlington by RDS Real Estate.

Niche retailers and spa glamour

Niche retailers and spa glamour are a sweet match and there is no sweeter location than Salon and Spa Galleria for your vintage boutique or bridal boutique. Call RDS Real Estate to tour the spa and choose your prospective studio and meet the tenants who will be excited to see you join the spa community. You’ll have full access to the spa and so will your clients. They’ll be shown around by the staff and pampered as will you as a tenant.


Name the bridal boutique anything you like and bring the fashion designers dresses just the way you want when your retail shops in arlington are your very own. You’ll not have to answer to anyone but yourself when you are in business for yourself in your own custom and private studio at Salon and Spa Galleria. Each studio has a locking door, and the rest of the spa is fully functional for no additional rent. Call for your tour and all of the details.

Real time move for garb boutique online

Real time move for your garb boutique online can be as fun as if not more than the impersonality of the web when you choose a studio for your real-time boutique. You could still keep the online store and have free shipping to your boutique at the Salon and Spa Galleria. You’ll enjoy free website and free wifi with your leased studio.  Opening boutiques at the spa is major fun as you get to decorate and customize.


Focus on a wedding boutique and develop that idea within your studio in the timing you choose. You can take as long as you like to select the wedding gowns and dresses you’ll carry in your wedding fashion boutique where your clients will be ready made inside the busy spa. Perhaps you have a photography business and want to locate in the spa. Not just boutique fashion is invited to these retail shops in arlington. Call RDS Real Estate.

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