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Retail Rent choices in DFW | RDS Real Estate

Retail rent choices in DFW

Retail rent choices in DFW can be a bit stressful and confusing unless you call and work with RDS Real Estate with a view toward a warm, cozy and exotically appointed spa. Salon and Spa Galleria was created by the owner of RDS Real Estate for the express enhancement of the small business owners like stylists who need affordable yet elite choice for a salon. Tour today with a leasing agent from RDS Real Estate.


The selection process for a private spa salon in grapevine certainly will be anything but stressful. In fact you may just have the time of your life when discovering your new spa space. Envision custom glass shelves holding your private line of shampoo for retail profit source. Clients have their shampoo in grapevine done in your Italian imported sinks. Call RDS Real Estate for retail rent details.

Rewarding spa retail space

Rewarding spa retail space makes sense for the discriminating small business owner in the beauty, wellness or related retail fields.  Estheticians who require elite studios for skin care are thrilled to discover the Salon and Spa Galleria and the terrific flexible lease packages of RDS Real Estate.


Professionals of skin care in grapevine will equip and furnish the private studio and be ready for operations in short order as the Salon and Spa is already fully operational. Southlake Texas is near the Salon and Spa Galleria in Grapevine for another community to serve at the luxury spa. Call now for your retail rent options at RDS Real Estate.

Retail space for lease spa style

Retail space for lease spa style may be the most exclusive choice in all of DFW for the small business owner to grow their businesses. Your new space for lease can be customized to your exacting specifications and complete with the water sources your need like shower, extra sinks, etc.


Space for rent of this nature with all of the support was not easy to find until the creation of the Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate.  Discover your potential at the spa space lease studios that are ready for your occupation. There is nothing like the feel of a spa to attract clientele and nothing like the spa for affordable luxury space rent options. Retail rent is affordable at the spa, call for details.


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