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Retail Lotion sales in spa lease space | RDS Real Estate

Retail lotion sales in spa lease space

Retail lotion sales in a spa lease space is a great way to increase profits along with your cosmetology services at Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate. Estheticians who offer massage will appreciate the unique setting and posh accommodations of the spa. Get creative with your business and tour the Salon and Spa Galleria for a look at the available studios.


Your business of massage in grapevine will expand as you locate inside of a luxury spa with new spa clients and 24/7 access. Call RDS Real Estate for office space quotes and put the spa at the top of your list for places for rent and a place to add profits by selling lotion on custom designed shelving.

Sell make up in a spa studio

Sell make up in a spa studio that you have customized with shelving, drawers, showcases and lighting right alongside your makeup artistry chair for instant sales and client convenience. You can teach application of makeup and then carry the makeup you use in your makeup class.  There are many perks to renting a studio at this property for lease, call for a tour.


Any property lease by RDS Real Estate is a lease designed with the small business owner in mind.  There is a difference in a rent lease by RDS, whose owner, Ron Sturgeon is a small business coach and business building expert. His Salon and Spa Galleria locations were created to benefit the beauty and wellness small business professionals. Rent retail space at the spa for skin care lotion and product at RDS Real Estate.

Market your service and your makeup

Market your service and your makeup in the ever popular Salon and Spa Galleria. Skin care services are always in demand and estheticians enjoy the customization features of this spa rent space. RDS Real Estate makes it easy to acquire incredible studio space and affordable to rent.  Install all of the equipment that makes providing acne treatment more efficient and comfortable.


Nail artists will agree that giving manicures with acrylic under well lit and ergonomically designed furnishings in place changes the feel of the business. The Grapevine Salon and Spa Galleria is convenient to Addison texas as well as all of the surrounding communities. Add profit by selling lotion and other popular products in your private studio by RDS Real Estate, call now.

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