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RDS Real Estate | Residential lease forms play a critical role in the life of a landlord.

A set of residential lease forms is a must have for new landlords.

Residential lease forms indeed play a crucial role in the everyday activities of the landlord position. RDS Real Estate believes that in addition to great insurance underwriting and a terrific house appraiser,  all that’s left in the process are great tenants. Of course great tenants can be found by securing free foreclosure lists that are available online readily. The job of a landlord can be one extreme satisfaction with the right tools and the right expert advice.

When you are reviewing your residential lease forms to see if you have everything that you need it is helpful to make sure that you do have a copy of a landlord tenant code which will in turn be given to the new tenant as well as a good will instrument. Everything that is on the table in the beginning makes for a good relationship beginning.

One thing that brings tenants to your door is the home equity loan vs line of credit debacle.

Home equity loan vs line of credit and the mistakes made during the decision between the two has in this real estate economy served to bring many homeowners to their knees. For this reason foreclosure countrywide has been the result. So there are more prospective tenants than ever and just because they defaulted in their mortgage does not mean they will default on rent.

In addition the first time home buyers loan and the hard money lender home loans countrywide, have caused a lot of grief for homeowners resulting in loss of their property. So now is the time to help these folks out with proper education and a great business like attitude with great relationship skills. Next we’ll discuss the Landlord tenant code and why it is such a great tool!

The once forgotten landlord tenant code is a remarkable tool that can ease the tension between a tenant and a landlord.

Landlord tenant code is a tool that can be gone over in the very beginning of a lease agreement and talked about, showing up front what is expected of the tenant and what the landlord is telling the tenant that he himself is and will be responsible for. What a great thing! So everyone knows his/her role from the very beginning so that there is no mistake and it is discussed completely as well as is in writing. The great thing about this is it can be pulled out later, especially if the tenant is required to initial each bullet point in the beginning as it is discussed in the event that there is ever a problem or disagreement. Now that is a surefire relationship builder, not destroyer!

Maybe you can even make a little extra money by giving “How to be a great landlord” workshops to teach the technique to other landlords! Now you may be starting to see how important the Residential lease forms truly are? And indeed those Home equity loan vs line of credit tenants that you found may turn out to be the best tenants ever, not so much as because you were lucky but because you built the relationship correctly from the start.


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