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Researching buildings for sale

Researching all of the aspects of buildings for sale is good business sense and even better with the help of RDS Real Estate and owner, Ron Sturgeon, leading business consultant and commercial broker. If you are an esthetician who desires a new studio to give the care skin of grapevine, see and tour the Salon and Spa Galleria is a first class spa near colleyville tx.


All three locations of the spa are a completely renovated from the ground up commercial building that was hand selected by Ron Sturgeon and optimized for luxury and customization of the tenants. For all customized, feature rich commercial lease by the expert in leasing, call RDS Real Estate, and research all of your options before buying buildings for sale for the best outcome and profitability.

Options for business property leasing

Options for business property leasing are plenty and it is a good idea to know what they are before choosing and signing commercial leasing.  Commercial property for lease more often than not, is a good financial decision and saves many thousands over the commercial real estate for sale.


Seek the assistance of an expert in and landlord of commercial space to learn the benefits of leasing prepared buildings for sale which have been bought by someone else and save your resources for running your business. Call RDS Real Estate for the business assistance you need to inject new life in your business and to learn about RDS properties that may be right for your business and you.

Private studio for care of skin

See the selection of private studios for the care of skin at one of three Salon and Spa Galleria locations, in Arlington, Burleson and Grapevine.  These spas have many studios available for small business owners who wish to lease a studio in the spa, like the makeup artist for cosmetic application. Bring your talent for cosmetic of grapevine to RDS Real Estate and select your favorite studio space in the luxury spa.


All beauty and wellness experts, not just in the cosmetics field are welcome to lease a private studio, or booth at Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate. Stylists who specialize in applying the hair extension can lease just the space they need without having to buy buildings for sale or leasing more square footage than needed. Call RDS Real Estate now for a tour.

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