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Rental Homes in Fort Worth Texas for parties | RDS Real Estate

Interesting rental homes in Fort Worth Texas

One of the most interesting of all rental homes in fort worth texas is the special event home presented by RDS Real Estate. The former mansion of owner, Ron Sturgeon, it is one of the most elegant, comfortable and well appointed and beautiful rental homes in fort worth, tx. RDS Real Estate has many fantastic choices in a Arlington commercial property for rent as well as other commercial property all around the metroplex. If you are seeking a special event location or a business location, call RDS Real Estate leasing office today.


Ron Sturgeon is a business consultant and coach in addition to a commercial real estate broker and that is certainly reflected in his Arlington industrial space. You will find nothing ordinary about his choice arlington office warehouse. When you see the grand special event home, you’ll realize just how special and different RDS Real Estate is and will be thinking of many reasons to use this most grand of all special event rental homes in fort worth texas. Call for a tour today and reserve your dates for 2012.

Vacation in luxury rental houses

Now a special even home can be used for other occasions also, like rental houses for mini-vacations close to home for quick get aways and no fuss. Once you stay in the most luxurious of all rental homes in fort worth texas you won’t want to leave and will surely find more reasons to use the home in the future. It is also one of the most elegant places to hold a wedding and reception with entertaining space for up to 1,000.


A business owner looking for the perfect location for an arlington retail space for rent will be most pleased with the new center open by RDS Real Estate on S. Cooper in Arlington. You traffic will be higher in your arlington shop for rent because of the neighboring Salon and Spa Galleria, exclusive day spa in the center that you’ll want to visit as well. Not too far from there, just off of I-20 you’ll find an arlington warehouse for rent by RDS Real Estate that is fully customizable and well established. One of the best ways in avoiding foreclosure on a business building is to never buy it in the first place. Choose rentals and a perfect lease package by calling RDS Real Estate leasing office now.

The perfect auto garage for rent defined

The perfect auto garage for rent defined is one that you can make your very own, with full customization options including help with equipment leasing and more. You can avoid bad credit financing by leasing instead of buying and save in the long run too. A meeting with the most sought after business consultant and coach in the area, Ron Sturgeon, will provide you with the details and help that you need to make sound business financial decisions.


Just like a bad credit home loan a bad credit mortgage for a business is no different, with enormous interest rates and other features that will have your head spinning and you’ll need it to run your business. Trust Ron Sturgeon to help you understand the  bad credit loan and how leasing can make a big difference in your bottom line. Then you’ll have the extra resources to take mini-vacations in one of Ron Sturgeon’s rental homes in fort worth texas. Call now for information and a tour at RDS Real Estate.

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