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Rental in Grapevine changes careers | RDS Real Estate

Rental in Grapevine changes careers

There is a rental in Grapevine that changes careers, that is at least for beauty, wellness and related retail business owners with the help of a luxury spa called Salon and Spa Galleria and RDS Real Estate. Fortunately, this spa is the property of Ron Sturgeon, leading small business coach and superb commercial broker.  Retail rent by RDS Real Estate is always prime, always quality and customizable.


Retail space should be ready made for tenant customization and ease of use. Retail space for lease by RDS Real Estate can be toured by calling the leasing agent today. Choose a private studio salon at Salon and Spa Galleria and outfit it with custom shelving, drawers, counters and salon equipment. This rental in Grapevine is a wellness and beauty center loved by the community, and you’ll love it too, call now.

Dual feature rental lease

This dual feature rental lease is perfect for service businesses who also desire to sell products or other revenue enhancers.  You’ll be able to use your new private spa salon in grapevine just the way you desire. You can even use your studio to teach or hold workshops. Sell organic or a special line of shampoo with a display on custom shelving.


Most clients at the sap are already looking for better quality shampoo in  grapevine. Estheticians will want to offer a skin care line just as nail artists want to sell nail polish. A flexible rental lease is one of the nicest features of the Salon and Spa Galleria. Call now for a tour of this rental in Grapevine, choose yours and move in with RDS Real Estate.

Retail lease agreement is agreeable

Retail lease agreement is agreeable, loaded with amenities and flexible options unheard of in the commercial lease property world.  Part of a successful practice is the ability to keep business costs under control. For the esthetician who runs a practice for skin care in grapevine, it ts required that equipment and specific furnishings be optimal. Leasing with RDS Real Estate allows a business owner to focus resources on operations, not rent.


Southlake Texas is convenient to the Grapevine Salon and Spa location for tenants and clients alike. Tour the spa for a personal look at the space for lease that is best suited for your beauty or wellness business. Custom tailor your rental lease to your business needs. Rental in Grapevine for beauty and wellness is especially designed for you, call and tour now at RDS Real Estate.

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