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Raise your own Hair Stylist Salary with ownership | RDS Real Estate

Raise your own hair stylist salary

Raise your own hair stylist salary with the exciting journey of business ownership at an exclusive spa called Salon and Spa Galleria, offered by RDS Real Estate. After learning how to become a hair stylist you can lease your own private studio and make it your own to the delight of your new clientele. If you are a mobile hair stylist you must know that you have the option to lease daily, weekly or monthly too.


The decision to be an owner stylist is a smart one and it has never been a better time to locate your career within the perfect location of Grapevine or Arlington at the Salon and spa Galleria. Similar to the franchised phenix salon suites, this Salon and Spa Galleria is privately owned and operated by RDS Real Estate. Call today and immediately raise your hair stylist salary.

Option to own just out of hair stylist school

The option to own just out of hair stylist school is made possible through the creatively designed spa and the creatively designed lease packages, equipment leasing option and business support. The staff is paid for, the building is paid for, the laundry, restrooms, waiting area are all in place and operational. All you have to do is select a studio, equip and decorate it, fill it with your professional beauty supplies and move in.


The concierge will even pick up your professional beauty supply for you if you like. Affordably rent a chair, shampoo bowl or other needed equipment if you are just starting out in business and save yourself hundreds to use on other items for your studio. Just the ability provided in renting a chair is a hint as to the quality of this endeavor. Raise your hair stylist salary, call RDS Real Estate.

Your brand of hair stylist supplies

Your brand of hair stylist supplies and no salon agreement are just a couple of the benefits of leasing from this Independent Stylist Operated Salon Studios, which are working for you to promote you as a desired business leader. Independent Stylist Operated Suites allow for the most talented and creative to assert their personality and their moxie to grow a wildly successful business that your dreams are made of.  Begin to realize those dreams today with a phone call.


ISO Salon Suites is the hallmark of Salon and Spa Galleria and it looks great on the professionals operating at the spa. Visit the spa today with the leasing agent and talk with the happy tenants who will share with you their experiences with Salon and Spa Galleria and RDS Real Estate. Go ahead and raise your hair stylist salary, you’ll never look back.

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