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Put a spotlight on your stylist Career at beautiful spa | RDS Real Estate

Put a spotlight on your stylist career

Put a spotlight on your stylist career by choosing to lease a studio at Salon and Spa Galleria offered by RDS Real Estate. It is easy and fun to begin salon ownership with the assistance of terrific lease packages, full and luxury amenities, full staff and the ability to customize a private studio to make it your very own. The salon industry is one of the most exciting to be a part of when you are on your own.


As a hair care professional you are in the people business as they are your livelihood and making them comfortable is your number one consideration. You can watch your clientele grow and retain them all when you own your own business. As artist management, you set your own hours, rules, rates, products you use and sell and styles that you give. Boost your career by contacting RDS Real Estate now.

Private studio rooms

Private studio rooms make the very best setting for makeup artists who are roaming artists. The Salon and Spa Galleria allows the roaming artist to lease by the day, week or month allowing you to take more jobs from your makeup artist agency. Enjoy full time studios that you decorate and equip yourself, just the way you like and enjoy reciprocity among the fellow professionals at the Salon and Spa Galleria.


Discover small business ownership with RDS Real Estate, the leader in business building for stylist careers. Call today for your meeting with the leasing agent and business coach that can lead you on a path for your tremendously successful career at Salon and Spa Galleria. There is never been a better time than to seize the opportunity for owning your own business and using your talents like never before.

Specialty salon business

Your specialty salon business can be a sudden success when you locate where the action is, just outside the entrance to the Grapevine Mills Mall or in the busy Arlington hub at S. Cooper Street. You can lease your own studio or share a suite salon with someone else if you like. As  beauty professionals who own their own businesses, there is no limit to what you can turn out in your own studio at the spa.


For custom mini beauty salons for rent call RDS Real Estate before you even consider a booth rental which is not private and often requires you to refrain selling your own products. Actually it is a completely different set up all together, so be sure to know the comparisons before you make any decisions. At RDS Real Estate you’ll find the assistance you need to boost your career, call now.

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