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Professional nail artists and acrylic

Professional nail artists and acrylic deserve a wonderful space and environment in which to do your nail art, like at RDS Real Estate with their Salon and Spa Galleria. Buildings for rent are much more economical than buildings for sale in many ways, all of which can be laid out to see with a consultation appointment at RDS Real Estate for all of the details of this incredible space.


Much business property is not in optimal locations, but all of the property secured by RDS Real Estate is prime property. Those in the wellness and beauty industries will appreciate the luxury spa in three locations called Salon and Spa Galleria, Burleson, Grapevine or Arlington. Call now and move your care skin career to the spa. Those in the nail business will love applying acrylic in your own studio, call now.

Leases convenient to Addison Texas

Leases convenient to Addison texas for the wellness or beauty industries and the associated retail like care of skin in grapevine is available at Salon and Spa Galleria. The Grapevine spa is convenient to the community of Colleyville tx and surrounding area. RDS Real Estate offers leases of private studios at all three locations.


This perfectly convenient and locations plus commercial building is the privately owned property of the leading business consultant and broker, Ron Sturgeon. Exceptional lease agreements with super amenities and business support are unparalleled. Call now for a look at a commercial lease for your new private nail art and acrylic studio.

Options to a building for sale

You’ll have custom options when you lease with RDS Real Estate, options that are not available with a building for sale. Commercial leasing, when done correctly should be a business enhancer, not a profit subtracter. Call RDS Real Estate for a consultation with the expert in business building and tour your new commercial property for lease.


Always exercise your options for leasing before you consider sticking your neck out with commercial real estate for sale. Usually a commercial space for lease gives you much more for your square foot dollar. Acrylic is art and art deserves a perfect space, a space like Salon and Spa Galleria. Call now and an agent from RDS Real Estate will take you on a tour and show you the magnificence of a lease by RDS.

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