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Private makeup Artist Management in private spa studio | RDS Real Estate

Private makeup artist management

Private makeup artist management can best be done in the beautiful surroundings of a space that you create, equip and decorate at a gorgeous, well appointed luxury spa called Salon and Spa Galleria offered by RDS Real Estate. If you are just considering small business ownership why not give RDS Real Estate a call and meet with the leasing agent of the spa.


The stylist careers are exploding now what with the baby boomers needing more and more services and  a suite salon for  beauty professionals is exactly the way to proceed in order to become your own artist management. Tour to meet the staff, see the spa and meet your peers who have chosen to house themselves and their careers in their own custom studios.

Your own makeup artist agency

Your own makeup artist agency doesn’t have to be just a dream, it can be a reality and in very short order when you discover these spa mini beauty salons for rent that are perfect for any professional in the beauty, health or wellness industry. Now though  booth rental has been helpful to the industry for years, the booth and the booth rental agreement isn’t exactly the environment necessary to advance careers.


It isn’t impossible to advance careers with booth rental agreements and booths, but if it were optimal, then the Salon and Spa Galleria would be leasing booths and not private individual studios with locking doors and the opportunity to customize, plus assistance with that if desired. Stop in or call RDS Real Estate and learn of the many business perks that go along with being your own artist management at Salon and Spa Galleria.

Seriously outrageous studios

Make your own wildly outrageous studios into your own personality, style, efficiency and function with RDS Real Estate and Salon and Spa Galleria. If you are set against booth rental in Arlington and have a desire to have a lease agreement on a private studio rather than a  booth rental contract then call RDS Real Estate for an exciting and encouraging meeting, tour of the spa in Arlington and choose your studio.


Not to put down booth rental contracts as they have serviced salon professionals for decades, but just to understand that there is an alternative to booth rentals and artist management of yourself that is both affordable and supportive. Call now and begin on the journey of business ownership. Call RDS Real Estate.

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