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Owner hair stylist job description

Owner hair stylist job description may not be yours yet, but it can be and it can happen in a very short time by calling on RDS Real Estate who is the leader in business building and the owner of Salon and Spa Galleria. This luxury spa in Grapevine and Arlington offers those that desire, the opportunity to take charge of their future and rid the need for hunting hair stylist resume examples.


Those who have been working for another for years and wish to raise their hair stylist salary, help is now available at RDS Real Estate. Even those who are just graduating hair stylist school are able to begin business ownership immediately. Imagine being able to use your own choice of hair stylist supplies and write your own hair stylist job description. You can. Call RDS Real Estate now.

Plenty of hair stylist jobs

Plenty of hair stylist jobs and plenty of clients are in need of personal care, you just need the location and the support that is needed to build a large clientele to follow you. The large task of how to become a hair stylist is over, now the fun begins, well it’s fun when you are operating in optimal conditions that allows you to be you and you to have everything you need to do your service comfortably.


Daily, weekly, monthly studio rentals allow even the mobile hair stylist to thoroughly enjoy their career. Salon and Spa Galleria keeps equipped studio just for the express use of the floating artist. As an owner stylist you enjoy the freedom to express your talent any way you see fit. Similar in function is the franchised phenix salon suites. Salon and Spa is not a franchise but privately owned and managed. Write your own hair stylist job description, call RDS Real Estate today.

Hair stylist resume unnecessary

The hair stylist resume becomes unnecessary when you become the owner stylist that you have been yearning to be. You’ll have the confidence you need to be on your own with a visit to RDS Real Estate but you’ll never feel alone because of the community of like minded professionals within the spa and the business support of the leading business consultant, owner of RDS Real Estate and Salon and Spa Galleris.


Select your own professional beauty supplies, and ask the concierge on staff to go to the professional beauty supply to pick them up for you. You also have the option ot rent a chair at an unbelievably great rate to help you get started in your business. But renting a chair is only the beginning of the great amenities at Salon and Spa Galleria. Call RDS Real Estate to write your own hair stylist job description.

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