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Outside storage in Burleson could be just what you need.

Think about it.  If you need a place to store your stock and don’t have room at your current location, outside storage is always cheaper and a great idea for weatherproof merchandise.  Realtor websites don’t always include this option because it doesn’t seem rational.  However, if you knew about all the properties that are bank owned that store their wares in outdoor storage, you’d be pleasantly surprised.

You may find the perfect rent venue and it just may not be big enough for some of the things you need to run your business.  If this is the case, you have two options:  you can either keep browsing for other properties for lease that have more space, but may not fit your business quite as well, or you can get the suite of your dreams and purchase an additional outside storage facility for extra storage space at RDS Real Estate.

Don’t get all tied up in commercial property financing.

Leasing is a much better idea.  If you take time to reason it out, there are several advantages to be had when you lease office space in Dallas rather than buy.  Financing means that you go into debt.  Some amount of debt is to be expected when starting a business, but a mountain of debt is not something that any upstart business owner should have to deal with.

When you’re in that much debt, your company’s income isn’t your company’s income; it’s the bank’s.  The common line of reasoning is that when you put your money into buying property, you’ll eventually see a return on your investment.  This only applies if you plan on staying there for the next 20 years.  If you’re a startup or new company, chances are that you’ll move in about 5 years when your business outgrows your current scope of real estate.

When that happens, you’ll wish you had decided to lease office space in Dallas instead of looking for commercial property for sale in Dallas to finance.  Even a garage for rent in Dallas would be a better option than financing a bank-owned building.

At the end of the day, just make sure you know what your business needs, and act accordingly.  At Ron Sturgeon Real Estate, we will help you do that.  Just make the call, and we’re on it.

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