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Organize your Boutique Jewelry for a studio space | RDS Real Estate

Organize your boutique jewelry for a studio

Organize your boutique jewelry for a studio lease space at a spa full of beauty professionals. Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate is the perfect setting for special dress stores like quinceanera dresses and other specialty gowns and dresses that a spa client searches for along with their personal beauty services. Join the professionals at the spa by leasing your space.


Traveling presents unique challenges and the savvy entrepreneur who brings a travel proof dress boutique line can make a great career in the spa. The European boutique dress that world travelers seek are classics that spa clients would love to see installed at the Salon and Spa Galleria. Bring your boutique jewelry and set up shop at the spa by calling RDS Real Estate.

A studio for a clothing store

A studio for a clothing store can look like a custom shop with custom lighting, mirrors and fitting rooms, comfy sofa for observers and custom racks and cashier stands. Free wifi, free website and more make for ease of operations for the shop owner, as well as the amenities of the spa that you don’t pay for. Your clients will adore their boutique shopping when they get their hair done.


Seek your next office to rent in arlington by working with RDS Real Estate who evaluates your business needs. Tour your favorite lease office space in fort worth or office space leasing in arlington at the spa where your new boutique jewelry can be presented to the public in true spa style. Call now.

Will you name it the wedding shop

Will you name it the wedding shop when you open at Salon and Spa Galleria? Will you carry satin shoes and crystal bling for the ears and necklaces that glitter at the neck of the custom gown for the bride? All of those choices and more are totally up to you when you own your own business. Your office space to rent in dfw will have all of the infrastructure in place, leaving ease for you.


Call RDS Real Estate for a new rent office space in fort worth or any office space leasing in dfw that matches up to your dreams and goals for your business. The spa studios are some of the most luxurious rent office space in arlington for a clothing or boutique jewelry, call for details and a tour.

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