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Organic and pure makeup boutique space

Organic and pure makeup boutique space shouldn’t be at a premium, a professional should be able to lease and expect affordable office space quotes and optimal places for rent so that they can provide quality services. The answer to that need has been provided by RDS Real Estate, by way of Salon and Spa Galleria in Grapevine, Burleson and Arlington.


Enjoy your beautiful and luxurious private studio at this prime property for lease by touring and selecting your space at Salon and Spa Galleria. The spa is a privately owned and operated facility that fully operational and offers the small business owner the opportunity for securing a property lease that is constructed for success and growth. Lease your makeup studio by calling RDS Real Estate.

Hot rock and deep tissue massage

Hot rock and deep tissue massage done in a soothing spa setting in your private studio, dimly lit, essential oils drifting through the air and on incredibly comfortable beds with hot towels from your towel heater or freshly pulled from the state of the art laundering facility steps away sounds like a dream come true and it can be when you secure and rent lease studios at the Salon and Spa Galleria.


Rent retail space inside your professional space or open a boutique at the spa, as long as it is related to the beauty or wellness industries.  You have the option to customize your own rent space as you see fit. The esthetician who treats acne will equip and furnish differently than the makeup artist, etc. Call RDS Real Estate for details and a tour today.

Professional massage in Grapevine

Professional massage in grapevine requires a comfortable position for the client to be able to de-stress and relax. The therapist will enjoy equipping a private studio, affordably to be able to treat clients as they deserve and as they expect. Build your clientele at the Salon and Spa Galleria, always in a prime location with superb visibility, parking and access.


Nail acrylic application needs fantastic lighting in order to do a professional job. The Grapevine location is convenient to Addison texas as well as many surrounding communities. When a prime building for sale becomes available, RDS Real Estate is among the first to discover and if it meets certain criteria, it is optimized as buildings for rent for small business owner. Call now for details on a studio for makeup and more at RDS Real Estate.

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