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Office Space Quotes for new spa studio | RDS Real Estate

Office space quotes for new spa studio

Office space quotes for new spa studio space will be pleasantly surprising as affordable and with tremendous amenities at Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate. Any professional in business in the beauty or wellness fields have to option to utilize this property lease opportunity to grow your career. Call for a tour of the available spaces for your new studio rent lease at the spa.


Rent retail space can be incorporated in your private studio for increased profits, or if you are a boutique owner and looking for a newer and more progressive space, call for a rent space by RDS Real Estate and office space quotes. Tour the Salon and Spa Galleria and discover the center for beauty and wellness, plus related retail.

Luxurious places for rent

Luxurious places for rent usually only happen if you make them happen with a ton of resources and stress to go with it. RDS Real Estate has done all of the difficult tasks of property preparing, permits and requirements, finished the facility and hired staff. All the tenant has to do is select a private space within the spa, decorate, equip and move in. RDS Real Estate even provides free wifi, free website and press releases for the tenants at Salon and Spa Galleria.


Treating acne when all equipment, and amenities are close at hand makes a professional’s job easier and more pleasant. Clients appreciates those amenities, like air filter system that a nail artist uses in their custom studio for nail acrylic at this sap near Addison texas. When a prime building for sale catches the eye of RDS Real Estate, a facility for rent spaces is developed. Call for office space quotes.

New studio property for lease

New studio property for lease allows the professional a clean slate to prepare for their business. Buildings for rent by RDS Real Estate are always optimal spaces for ongoing successful business operations for the tenant and client alike. Call for a tour of the Salon and Spa Galleria or other types of spaces before you consider buildings for sale at RDS Real Estate.


You can have the business property that makes sense for your business, even luxurious spaces that are well designed for the care skin professionals exacting standards. Call for a tour and office space quotes as well as other amenities and options for equipment and furnishing leases.

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