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Dreamy office space in Arlington

Settle into dreamy and opulent office space in arlington for the wellness, beauty and retail boutique seekers.  Salon and Spa Galleria at Arlington offers not just beauty but also niche retailers who adore spa life and want to for instance bring their garb boutique online to the personal touch reality of a retail shop setting within this spa. Call RDS Real Estate for details.


Owning a wedding shoppe can be fun and exciting, but owning one in a spa like Salon and Spa Galleria is business building and client attracting without any excess marketing. RDS Real Estate affords you the ability to become the new isis bridal boutique, in your own custom studio retail office space in arlington. Call for all of the details.

Rationalizing property listings in Tarrant county

Rationalizing property listings in tarrant county is an interesting endeavor and pretty normal according to the experts at RDS Real Estate. You can bring education and experience to your rationalizing table by calling on RDS Real Estate to lend you a experienced hand.  Your new but affordable unique boutique within the solid infrastructure of the spa may allow you to grow a profitable business with a minimal of expense and fuss.


Your boutique can be customized, illuminated and decorated any way you choose. You’ll also gain full access to the spa and its amenities at no additional cost to you, one of the perks of leasing at Salon and Spa Galleria.  A vintage boutique would go great beside the retro hair salon in the spa. A bridal boutique will thrill the clients of the spa planning a wedding. See this incredible retail office space in arlington by calling RDS Real Estate.

Serendipity retail shops in Arlington

Its serendipity when you see the accommodations for these named retail shops in arlington, the bridal boutique and the unique boutique. Can you imagine the clients who will adore polishing off their new look with a visit to your boutique for all of the clothing, jewelry and accessories provided by your terrific shop? You can even call in fashion designers for fashion shows and trunk sales in the spa.

So go ahead and get excited over the prospects of your own boutiques, fabulous wedding boutique or other niche retail idea you may have in mind and call RDS Real Estate to also bounce your ideas with, that is another part of their goal, helping as many small businesses to success as possible. Call now, your retail studio office space in arlington is calling.