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Thinking about Office space in Dallas? Think Fort Worth, The West is the Best!

Searching for office space in Dallas? RDS Real Estate encourages you to rethink your search.

Dallas gets the reputation of being “where the west ends, and the east begins”.  And for good reason…it’s the commercial capital of Texas.  However, it’s highly competitive and turbulent atmosphere isn’t necessarily the best place for up-and-coming and aspiring entrepreneurs.  That is why an office for lease in Fort Worth might be the better choice as opposed to office space in Dallas.

How critical is the right office space in DFW?  Well it sets the foundation and P.A.C.E. of your business.

What do I mean when I say P.A.C.E?

ProficiencyWhen employees are comfortable in their office space, they can concentrate on what they are there to do in the first place.

Accessibility – Even in the largest office all supplies and equipment must be easily accessible. If an employee can’t get to the equipment necessary to perform the job, it doesn’t help anyone.

CommunicationWhether the employee is communicating with other office employees, or with customers, communication is essential for keeping operations current.

Employee satisfaction An employee with a sore back from sitting in an uncomfortable chair is not as enthusiastic about going to work as one who feels physically relaxed when leaving. Not to mention that work is stressful enough as it is, without adding the stress of an uncomfortable office space.

An office for lease in Fort Worth is guaranteed set the P.A.C.E. for your business and may cause you to think twice about that office to rent in Dallas and wasting time on property listings in Dallas.

RDS Real Estate is the premier provider of office space in Fort Worth and surrounding area, including Arlington.

RDS Real Estate makes it easy to lease office space in Fort Worth and lease office space in Arlington.  Contact our leasing manager today and let’s get this started in here!!

We offer flexible lease terms and amazing move-in specials on our office space in Fort Worth.  Stop, look, and lease today!! Rent office space in Fort Worth, after all the West is the Best!!!


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