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Mobile hair stylist needs met at a spa

If you are a mobile hair stylist and in need of a flexible lease for a studio that you can use on a moment’s notice or for a special assignment, just call on RDS Real Estate for its beautiful Salon and Spa Galleria. You’ll find that the studio for lease by the day, week or month will be perfectly suited for your needs. For those who are looking for a place to call home on a permanent basis, then tour the spa for a private studio that suits you.


You can begin right away to order up your favorite professional beauty supplies to outfit your studio and serve your clients. No one is going to tell you what professional beauty supply to order or how to use it. You can even rent a chair, but that isn’t all, keep reading. In addition to renting a chair, you can rent a shampoo bowl or other equipment to help you get started.  If your are a mobile hair stylist, everything will be provided for you. Call RDS Real Estate.

Home for the owner stylist

Salon and Spa Galleria is offering you, the owner stylist, a place to call home. Your clients will adore seeing you at your own private studio, which is much more comfortable for them and certainly relaxing. RDS Real Estate will not ask you to sign a salon agreement as you will have a real lease and the great package to go with it. You’ll enjoy business tools and seminars by the leader in business building, Ron Sturgeon.


Independent Stylist Operated Salon Studios is the best way to build a sound and lucrative career as a stylist. Call RDS Real Estate to see these Independent Stylist Operated Suites that you will make your very own. ISO Salon Suites are already filled with professionals that you can talk with when you visit. The mobile hair stylist is never left out of this equation, call for details on the flexible packages.

Phenix salon suites is a franchise

The Phenix salon suites that you may have heard of is similar to Salon and Spa Galleria except that it is a franchise so isn’t operated the same as the privately owned and operated spa. ISO prefer to operate completely independent of any other entity for the best chances of continued success. Bring your Private Practice ideas to RDS Real Estate and you’ll find the assistance you need.


If you are ready to shun minimum wage or mediocre employment and embark on your own stylist business, then you’ll find everything you need to be successful at Salon and Spa Galleria with the assistance of the owners at RDS Real Estate. Even the mobile hair stylist has been accommodated, just give a call for details and begin right away.

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