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Makeup Artist Agency in your sights and means | RDS Real Estate

Sights on makeup artist agency

Dreams and sights on your own makeup artist agency could materialize with one phone call to RDS Real Estate for a tour of Salon and Spa  Galleria and perhaps your future studio for your own agency. Maybe it is stylist careers you’d like to find homes for and at the spa a suite salon is sweet indeed. Just as fun as decorating a private spa studio is equipping it with just what you need and desire to serve your clients and make you comfortable while you do it.


RDS Real Estate has become known as the headquarters for serious and business minded beauty professionals whose desire it is to lease beauty salons for rent but don’t want the expense or headaches of an entire building, just a piece of one, complete with paid staff, amenities and ready made clientele walk ins. Great for the makeup artist agency, hair, nails, massage, nutrition, tanning, skin care and more, the Salon and Spa Galleria and RDS Real Estate is where the clients will find you.

Studios ready for leasing

The studios at Arlington and the new wing at Grapevine at Salon and Spa Galleria are now ready for leasing. Tour today and choose your favorite studio then begin decorating. If you have been considering booth rental, before you sign a booth rental agreement, call RDS Real Estate and take a quick tour of the spa, learn of the differences between the two and meet with the leasing agent for rate comparisons.


Your location and environment are the single most important decisions that can affect your career and clientele. Be choosey, be careful and proceed slowly and make sure that booth rental agreements for  booth rental in Arlington is your best decision. Ask RDS Real Estate for help with the decision and its repercussions. Your makeup artist agency could be nearer to reality than you think.

Joys and benefits of small business ownership

Learn the joys and benefits of small business ownership and the differences between the various types of environments. Trust the leading business consultant, Ron Sturgeon to guide you in the right direction in order to make the most informed decisions before signing a booth rental contract. If you do decide to go with booth rental contracts ask the leaders at RDS Real Estate to look over them for you to guide you sufficiently.


Of course, there’s nothing wrong with booth rentals, it is just that they aren’t always what the professional thought they would be and it can be an expensive mistake, or it could be a just fine decision for you. Bottom line, once you have the facts about booth-rental, you’ll feel good about the decisions you make. As a makeup artist agency you’ll want the privacy and luxury of the Salon and Spa Galleria. Call for your tour at RDS Real Estate.

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