Location key to more hair stylist jobs

Location is the key to more hair stylist jobs and one of the secrets to growing your hair stylist salary. But that isn’t the only secret as there is a luxury spa with private studios for lease in two fantastic locations at Grapevine and Arlington that provides the option for even new grads of hair stylist school to be in business for themselves.


If you long to use the brand of hair stylist supplies that you desire, then you’ll be glad that you landed on this website and are reading this article. You have now discovered the Salon and Spa Galleria offered by RDS Real Estate. You’ve already learned how to become a hair stylist, are licensed and ready to make your move, stack up your hair stylist jobs now with a call to RDS Real Estate.

File your hair stylist resume

File your hair stylist resume and come home to Salon and Spa Galleria in a splendid way, highlighting your talent and your personality in your own private studio at the Salon and Spa Galleria. Call RDS Real Estate if you are a  mobile hair stylist who needs daily, weekly or monthly studio access and you will be accommodated.  But if you are an owner stylist you’ll have free ability to customize your space.


Salon and Spa Galleria is similar to phenix salon suites with a few exceptions, one of which is that it is not franchised, but is privately owned. Buying your own professional beauty supplies is empowering and building your clientele by virtue of more hair stylist jobs and better location is in your future by calling RDS Real Estate.

Forget hair stylist resume examples

Forget hair stylist resume examples and the stress that brings and allow yourself to grow by becoming an owner stylist with the assistance of RDS Real Estate. The first time you visit the professional beauty supply as an owner stylist is a great feeling. If you are new to  the industry and need a bit of assistance in getting started, you have the option to rent a chair, shampoo bowl and more with RDS Real Estate.


But renting a chair is just one of the many perks of associating with RDS Real Estate and its Salon and Spa Galleria. See the lease agreement which is very different than an employer’s salon agreement by meeting with RDS Real Estate. Increase your hair stylist jobs and build your own clientele at Salon and Spa Galleria by calling now.

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