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Lease Space to start your own salon or spa


It takes a special individual to become a beautician, but it takes an even rarer individual to start their own salon and spa. At RDS Real Estate, we’re actually familiar with leasing out commercial space for a variety of opportunities including salons and spas. Which is why, if you’re considering opening your own salon, consider leasing retail space from us to set up shop and begin caring for skin in Grapevine. You can succeed, you only have to try. And if you feel you have the gumption to do what you love for a living, you should go for it.


To lease space you have to have drive, but more than that you have to have a sense of business. Take the time to understand what you want out of your commercial space and what you ultimately want out of your salon. Then contact a commercial broker like RDS Real Estate to see what properties are available for lease. Grapevine is filled with untapped potential, which is why now is the best time to begin looking for lease space to set up shop.


How to care for skin and your client


Odds are if you’re considering leasing space to help clients with skin care you’re already pretty familiar with how to care for skin. But you may not have considered the effects of being a business owner will have on you and your relationship with your customers. Don’t forget that these people are coming to you for help, and a professional atmosphere and appearance sets them at ease. Also, a solid selection of skin care products with a apparent knowledge of application for skin care will reassure them and make them more confident in your abilities.


In addition, don’t forget to let them know that you’re there to help them improve their natural beauty. While we are a real estate company, we know how important it is to not take over a client’s vision, but to help them enhance it. Which is why when you approach a client with a new look or even something as subtle as a new defoliant, help them understand how it can be beneficial to them.


Cosmetics don’t sell themselves: Be a professional


Cosmetologists are fairly common, but a good cosmetologist is a rare find. A good cosmetologist not only has an intimate understanding of cosmetics and skin care, but also a great ability to interact with her clients and help them see their beauty as it is and what it could be.


So if you’re considering starting up your own Salon and Spa then consider leasing space to care for skin in Grapevine. RDS Real Estate has the location and the property, you just need to bring the attitude and the cosmetics. Grapevine is a great city with lots of potential, don’t you think you should be a part of it?


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