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Lease Space for your beauty services | RDS Real Estate

Lease space for your beauty services

Lease space for your beauty services at a beautiful spa called Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate.  Flexible lease options and different types of studios are perfect for the professional makeup artists. Likewise a massage therapist will appreciate being able to lease by the day, week or month. Of course a yearly lease is most common, the temporary space is helpful.


As a studio for massage in grapevine the spa spaces are remarkable well suited. Call for office space quotes and a tour with the leasing agent today at RDS Real Estate. Customize your private lease space and even build an office area within your studio. Lease a double space if you need a large office or storage area.

Lotion sales add profits

Lotion sales adds profits and profits allow a business to survive and thrive. The best way to build sales of product is to ensure that you are in a great location and have a marketing plan. At Salon and Spa Galleria, the spaces were especially created as places for rent for beauty and wellness professionals so that they have a luxurious space that is affordable.


When you work with RDS Real Estate leasing agent you’ll tour the property for lease and you’ll get a great opportunity to choose just the right space for you and get some ideas for custom features. One thing for sure is that you can’t go wrong with the addition of the Salon and Spa in your life. This property lease comes with a custom designed rent lease agreement.  Call RDS Real Estate and choose your new lease space today.

Show and photo shoot make up studios

Show and photo shoot make up studios make you stand apart in the field and helps build a strong clientele. Rent retail space at the spa for your wedding boutique, a second small space for cake sampling and another for floral selection and samples. You are only limited by your imagination and resources of course, but it won’t be lacking because of high rents.


This rent space and its affordable rent rates will amaze you and so will the amenities that come with the spa agreement.  Your treatment of acne is much more pleasant and thorough when you have the proper lighting. Nail artist for acrylic can lease a perfect little studio by calling RDS Real Estate and you’ve found your home and superb lease space.

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