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Lease and begin Hair in Grapevine | RDS Real Estate

Lease to begin doing hair in Grapevine

Lease to begin doing hair in grapevine by calling RDS Real Estate for a tour of the Salon and Spa Galleria. Selecting a studio for your own hair salon in grapevine will net you much more than just a space. You’ll have access as will your clients to this luxury spa and all of its amenities. You simply pay the rent for your space, everything else is included and available for you including state of the art laundry center.


As a hair styler you’ll need lots of custom built-ins for your products for hair and whatever else you see fit, so customizing is fine and even encouraged. If you are new at hairstyling, ask the leasing agent at RDS Real Estate for the available micro loans to help you get started. The Keller texas community is happy to be very near the Grapevine Salon and Spa Galleria and will bring clients to your studio for hair in grapevine, call now.

Lease and begin hair removal

Lease and begin your skin care and hair removal in short order, unlike some of the other lease property where most of the time the tenant is required to do everything from the build-out up. Lease rental with RDS Real Estate is stress free and comes with support from the leading business consultant, author and successful entrepreneur, Ron Sturgeon.


Lease retail space by Ron and RDS Real Estate is only optimal and is absolutely loaded with feature rich amenities.  For the best in lease space for your professional business like hair in grapevine, simply call now to RDS Real Estate for a tour of the available studios.

Style a studio for a hair salon

Style a studio for a hair salon and make it a statement of your personality, and set the tone from day one for drawing the kind of clients you desire. Always bend to the trends to keep current and fluid. Estheticians will enjoy having a line of skin care and particularly lotion made for private labeling of your business name.


Make up artists will imagine a studio with a place for everything and conveniently gets equipped with lots of drawers, cubbies, glass shelving and all of the special details you’ll want to install.  Make sure that your lighting is the right type and the right brightness for your makeup applications.  Call for a massage to be done at the same time as your appointment for hair in grapevine at the spa. Call RDS Real Estate for details.

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