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Kennedale, TX Commercial Real Estate Leased by Non-Profit Lifescapes Will Become New Community Center

New Location at 7204 East Mansfield Highway Ideal to Deliver Mentoring, Tutoring and Life-Skills Training.

Although the ribbon cutting won’t be until summer, Director of Lifescapes Mark Allen and other volunteers have moved into their new home at 7204 East Mansfield Hwy in Kennedale. For the past 3 years, the non-profit has delivered services at 800 W. Kennedale Pkwy but sought a more visible Kennedale commercial property to lease.

“Good things are happening in Kennedale, and we’re blessed to be able to help so many kids reach their potential and become productive young adults,” says Allen who works full-time as the Executive Director of the Kennedale Chamber of Commerce.

Lifescapes’ mission is to provide life skills training, tutoring, mentoring, and an alternative to the streets for the young people of Kennedale. Staffed by volunteers, the center is open 7 days a week between 9am and 8pm.

“Right now Texas teachers devote a lot of time to preparing kids to take standardized tests,” said Allen. “Sometimes there isn’t time left to teach kids how to balance a checkbook, prepare a resume or interview for a job or other skills they need for business success,” said Allen.

The Kennedale industrial property leased by Lifescapes is 9000 square feet and has plenty of parking and two furnished apartments. “It’s going to be a fantastic place for people to have a wedding or other special event on the weekends when it is not being used for our other programs,” said Allen.

“I can’t think of a better use of that Kennedale commercial shop space than as a home for Lifescapes,” said Jim Eaton, leasing agent for RDS Investments, the company which owns the property.

Lifescapes is a non-profit that offers mentoring, tutoring, and life-skills classes to residents of Kennedale. Lifescapes is located at 7204 East Mansfield Hwy in Kennedale, TX. For more information about its programs, call Mark Allen at 817-896-8898.

RDS Investments is a leader in leasing commercial and industrial space in Tarrant County Texas.  The company has industrial property in Arlington as well as excellent Arlington retail office space for rent. Visit the leasing office at 870 Blue Mound Rd West, Ft Worth, TX 76052 or contact Jim Eaton at 817 439 3224.


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