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Kennedale Commercial Shops to Rent

Kennedale Is A Great Place For A Commercial Shop

Looking in vain for a Fort Worth shop for rent? Maybe that perfect shop for rent in Fort Worth could be in Kennedale.

It might sound that Kennedale (population 6,450) is far off the beaten path. It’s true that the city isn’t crowded; there’s room for a stand-alone commercial shop to do business without annoying the neighbors. But Kennedale isn’t really that far from anywhere in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

That’s especially true if you’re talking about properties close to U.S. 287, better known in the region as Mansfield Highway. U.S. 287 can connect you with customers all over North Texas; it gives you quick access to not just downtown Fort Worth, but Arlington, Dallas and the rest of the region, as well as the rest of the country. Here are the highways within easy reach:

  • Interstate Loop 820
  • Interstate 20, a main east-west artery
  • Interstate 35W, the western fork of a main north-south artery
  • Texas 360, which connects the area to Arlington
  • Texas 121/183, known as Airport Freeway

Airport Freeway will take you directly to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, the region’s world-class aviation facility. And Interstate 35W will take you to Alliance Airport, a premier airport for commercial use.

So that commercial space in Kennedale isn’t really far off the beaten path at all.

RDS Real Estate Has The Right Properties In Kennedale

RDS Real Estate has a selection of properties in Kennedale within easy reach of U.S. 287. There are stand-alone spaces available for entrepreneurs who want room for their business and space surrounding it; there are also spaces that are perfect for a variety of business uses.

Whether your focus is local, regional, national or a combination of all three, our Kennedale properties offer the perfect combination—access to everything, but with the room you need to grow!

Check our listings and then get in touch with RDS Real Estate today!

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