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Industrial Property For Sale in Haslet is now leasable | RDS Real Estate

Industrial property for sale in Haslet is leasable

Industrial property for sale in haslet is now leasable through the owners, RDS Real Estate. Work with RDS and the seriousness of your location gets resolved in a very productive manner.  Prime lease space like industrial warehouse in Mansfield and elsewhere in the DFW area that is extraordinary and ready for your occupancy is the order of the day at RDS Real Estate.


Kennedale commercial shop for rent or lease office space in blue mound, you’ll find that the versatile portfolio of RDS Real Estate has already been busy prior to your discovery of them, securing, improving, optimizing and offering the best of the best in commercial leasing. Call for a tour of your potential office for lease in haslet or industrial property for sale in haslet.

Tour and lease industrial property in Haslet

Tour and lease industrial property in haslet that has already been improved, saving you the time and resources. You’ll find wide lanes into the complex and large door street level bays to smooth your operations. Your rental application will be accompanied with an assessment of your business needs and goals so as to match you up with the perfect lease space.


Rental in Grapevine is sweet for anyone in the beauty or wellness profession, or related retail. With the Salon and Spa Galleria’s completion of their new wing, there are available studios for a rental lease. You can combine your personal care service space lease with a retail lease for greater profits. Call and tour for a industrial property for sale in haslet at RDS Real Estate.

Additional industrial space for lease in Blue Mound

Additional industrial space for lease in blue mound allows for a business to be near rail, air and interstate in an industrial complex developed by RDS Real Estate for optimal business operations. Answering the cry for great space, affordable and quality has been the goal of RDS for years. Successfully helping small to medium business owners realize growth is the reality.


Retail rent in the DFW area has typically been so expensive that many small business owners have been shut out of the market. RDS Real Estate swooped in and changed all of that with reasonable quality retail space with super lease packages and amenities unheard of in the retail space for lease market. This has opened a new world for the salon owner with Salon and Spa Galleria.  Call RDS now for a tour of industrial property for sale in haslet.

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