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128-Acre Industrial Land for Sale in Fort Worth is a Wonderful Investment Opportunity for 76102 Entrepreneurs.

Anyone looking for industrial land for sale in Fort Worth will be astounded by 128-acre industrial property for sale in Haslet. Conveniently located on the corner of Hwy 287 and Blue Mound Rd, this Haslet industrial space in 76104 is subdivided into 12 separate tracts ranging from 5 acres – 30 acres, however tracts may can combined if needed. The 5-acre sites however, do only feature 3 usable acres because of gas wells.

*Net of Gas Well

Tract Gross Acreage Net Acreage Price/Sq. Ft.
Tract #1 29.050 29.050 $1.70
Tract #2 19.803 19.803 $1.90
Tract #3 13.716 13.716 $2.10
Tract #4 5.735 3.669* $2.25
Tract #5 9.819 9.819 $2.10
Tract #6 5.276 3.21* $2.40
Tract #7 7.884 7.884 $2.15 (Sold)
Tract #8 8.582 8.582 $2.20
Tract #9 10.230 10.230 $1.90
Tract #10 5.113 3.047* $5.00
Tract #11 7.529 7.529 $4.50
Tract #12 5.455 3.389* $5.00

Anyone looking for industrial property for sale in Arlington, or even for commercial land for sale in Fort Worth, should take full advantage of the endless opportunities this land encompasses. The businesses in the 76106 Blue Mound Business Center have been flourishing; a lot of the success is attributed to the industrious, hard working atmosphere that the area is renowned for. With this Blue Mound industrial space, you aren’t just getting land; you are getting the feeling that anything is possible.

Take Full Advantage of this Coveted Fort Worth Industrial Space in 76108!

When searching for industrial property for sale in DFW, there are just too many options. But have you ever wondered just how much a town’s location resonates within your business? Have you ever wondered why should you rent industrial property in Fort Worth? Well…I’ll tell you. Fort Worth is “where the west began”, and it is nationally celebrated for its distinct ruggedness and roughness. It is the epitome of prosperity and diligence, and it embraces the robust qualities that enable any 76110 industrial business to thrive and flourish.

This commercial land for sale in Fort Worth features endless skies and endless possibilities. It isn’t surrounded by flashy lights and tall skyscrapers; it is a no non-sense, let’s get down and dirty industrial space, and is just waiting for someone to make the most out of it. The industrial property for sale in 76112 could be ideal for:

• Manufacturing
• Distributing
• Warehouse Storage
• Outside Storage
• Office Space

Water will be available for and the sites will use aerobic septic system.

Industrial Property in Dallas Often Comes With a “Big D” Price Tag in 76114.

Industrial Land in Haslet is unrivaled in terms of affordability.  Land seekers looking for industrial property in Dallas should turn their heads just west, “The west is the best, get here and we’ll do the rest.”

This industrial space for sale in Fort Worth, located in Haslet, is just mere minutes from Fort Worth Alliance Airport. A tremendous location like that allows for shipping, receiving, and distributing to run quickly and efficiency.

When you buy industrial property in Haslet, you get the benefit of the open-air, picturesque Texas landscape.  Secluded from the glitz, glamour, and commotion of the big city, this industrial land for sale in Haslet is the perfect solution for anyone seeking 76116 industrial or commercial property in Dallas.

The Haslet industrial property may be secluded but that certainly doesn’t mean it isn’t accessible. The industrial land features easy access from:

• Hwy 287
• Hwy 360
• I-20
• I-30
• I-35
• Loop 820

Don’t waste time and money looking for Dallas industrial space when Haslet “has let” you know it has everything a 76118 business could need.

More Ways to Find Out More About this 76120 Industrial Land for Sale in Blue Mound

If you would like to know more about this industrial land for sale in Blue Mound, or for more information about other properties available for lease or purchase, then contact:

Commercial Real Estate Broker
Don Phifer

This industrial property for sale in Haslet is filled with opportunity, and is a terrific investment opportunity to anyone looking for industrial land for sale in Fort Worth or for industrial property in Dallas.

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