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Independent Stylist Operated Suites for independent minded | RDS Real Estate

Independent stylist operated suites for freedom

Independent Stylist Operated Suites spell freedom at Salon and Spa Galleria presented to you by RDS Real Estate. Private Practice means freedom from employment and the advance of your stylist business with the opportunity for you to grab hold of your own personality, your desires for your career and your clients and not have to have a bankroll to do it.


Now you can progress your career in the way you have dreamed with the affordable and exclusive Independent Stylist Operated Suites by RDS Real Estate at the two locations of Salon and Spa Galleria, Grapevine and Arlington. Call now for a leasing agent and a tour and begin to dream again.

ISO salon suites clients prefer

ISO Salon Suites provides you with the opportunity to equip and decorate in the way that you and your clients prefer. RDS Real Estate and their brilliantly designed Salon and Spa Galleria offers you a choice of private rooms with locking door and a community of staff, amenities and everything you need to run your salon business including free website, free wifi, press releases and so much more.


Your new salon ownership can take place now, today, with one phone call to RDS Real Estate. The salon industry is one of the most needed personal care industries and is highlighted and magnified in a grand way at Salon and Spa Galleria. See these Independent Stylist Operated Suites and what they can offer you by calling RDS Real Estate now.

ISO  can include you

ISO can include you at Salon and Spa Galleria when you choose a studio, customize it and begin your career as a hair care professional inside this glamorous and well appointed luxury spa. You will be your own artist management and never again under the management of someone else. Set yourself free at Salon and Spa Galleria by calling RDS Real Estate.


If you are a make up artist and use a makeup artist agency you can even lease one of these studios by the day, week or month and build your clientele faster. You can choose either location or both in Grapevine and Arlington. Independent Stylist Operated Suites offers you the greatest opportunity for your career, call now for information at RDS Real Estate.

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