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Independent Stylist Operated Salon Studios offered at luxury spa | RDS Real Estate

Independent stylist operated salon studios at spa

Stylists and other career, business minded individuals in the beauty, wellness and health field take a look at these Independent Stylist Operated Salon Studios in Grapevine and Arlington called Salon and Spa Galleria. Those who are familiar with the benefits of associating with ISO will recognize immediately what has been presented to these independent minded professionals. Call RDS Real Estate for details.


For those thinking about moving into Private Practice and shunning the employment scene, Salon and Spa Galleria offers the most satisfying and lucrative opportunity to move forward.  Stop by RDS Real Estate and speak with the leasing agent about your stylist business and take a tour of these fascinating Independent Stylist Operated Salon Studios today.

Independent stylist operated suites to customize

Independent Stylist Operated Suites are designed for customization by the tenant.  You’ll note when you visit the Salon and Spa Galleria other career minded professionals and marvel at what they have done to ordinary private rooms to turn them into extraordinary custom studio suites to their own liking.


There has never been a greater time in the history of the salon business to embark on salon ownership. You set your own rates, retain 100% of your earnings, set your own hours and run your business the way you see fit with the products you love and equipment you choose. Yes working within these Independent Stylist Operated Salon Studios not only will set you free, but allow you to soar, call RDS Real Estate today.

ISO salon suites best choice for career stylists

ISO Salon Suites is the very best of choices for career stylists and anyone in the salon industry, not only the hair care professional.  One of the highlights of being in business for yourself is that you are the artist management, there are no other managers over you. Now that is a very freeing aspect of your work day. Call RDS Real Estate to speak to a leasing agent now.


Private Practice is the way to progress in your career and build your valued clientele, never to be lost to another. RDS Real Estate offers the most luxurious of Independent Stylist Operated Salon Studios, but a quick tour will allow you to see not only the facility, the environment, but also to meet the other satisfied professionals who have chosen to house their career and customize their own studios. Call RDS Real Estate for a tour today.

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