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Home Appraisal

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Why is Property Appraisal Necessary?

“Antique Roadshow” has increased people’s familiarity and fascination with appraisal services over recent years.  People raid their attics looking for anything with the “long lost treasure” possibility.  While it is nice finding out an old clock is worth a few hundred bucks, professional appraisal is a necessary facet in the real estate industry.  Home appraisal benefits both the buyer and seller in a number of different ways.

A house appraiser can determine the price on a home which facilitates the means:

  • To obtain a loan
  • To determine a reasonable price when selling real estate
  • To provide a negotiating tool when purchasing real estate
  • To contest high property taxes
  • To settle an estate

By obtaining a property appraisal, you get a certified and valued evaluation of a property by an unbiased middleman.

Browse through our commercial listings

Browse through RDS Real Estate’s commercial listings for premier commercial, industrial, warehouse, and office space.  RDS Real Estate has 3 lucrative business parks with affordable, vacant space located across North Texas:

  • Blue Mound Business Park – Haslet, TX
  • Sturgeon Industrial Park – Arlington, TX
  • Midway Industrial Park – Fort Worth, TX

Invest in a commercial appraiser so you can rest assured that the price you are paying is a fair one.  Browse through realtor websites for more info on ways to find certified appraisal services.

Property Appraisers Cover the Most Important and Key Elements

Whether it’s commercial appraisal or appraisal for a home, property appraisers are responsible for thoroughly inspecting and evaluating the property and going over the following items plus many, many more:

  • Relevant property characteristics (location, physical, legal, and economic attributes)
  • Real Property interest valued
  • Non real estate items included in the appraisal (personal property, including trade fixtures and intangible items)

Appraisals are not to be confused with inspections.  An inspection is a third-party evaluation of the accessible structure and mechanical systems of a house, from the roof to the foundation.

Find Help With Appraisal Management

With help for appraisal management, either search online or find a realtor.  Realtors will recommend to you a credible appraiser.

Home appraisal and property appraisal provides a professional, unbiased opinion of market value, to be used in making real estate decisions. Appraisers present their formal analysis in appraisal reports.

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