Hair stylist resume a thing of the past

The hair stylist resume can be a thing of the past with one single phone call to RDS Real Estate and a desire to be in business for yourself. RDS Real Estate offers any professional in the beauty, wellness or health industry and even recent grads of hair stylist school this opportunity at Salon and Spa Galleria. You’ll soon be using the brand hair stylist supplies you choose in your own private studio.


You have already accomplished the most difficult, learning how to become a hair stylist. Now it is time to consider If you want to begin or continue to work for someone else, or if it is time to work for yourself. If you are a mobile hair stylist, the spa even allows you to lease a studio daily, weekly or monthly. Trash can that hair stylist resume and call RDS Real Estate.

Hair stylist resume examples shared

Once you make your decision to be an owner stylist, you can give those hair stylist resume examples to someone else and set yourself up in your own private studio as owner stylist.  The franchised phenix salon suites is a similar set up but they are franchised. Salon and Spa Galleria is privately owned by RDS Real Estate. There are no franchise fees to pass on to the tenants to absorb.


There is a concierge who can pick up your professional beauty supplies for you if you like and other duties like washing and drying towels. You are free to go to the professional beauty supply to select whatever you want to use as an owner stylist. You’ll not need that hair stylist resume any longer once you own your business. Call RDS Real Estate today and begin your new journey.

Heightened hair stylist salary

Heightened hair stylist salary is possible when you are in business for yourself as you are in charge of your destiny. Being in a great location is one of the smartest moves you can make to increase your income and grow your clientele. RDS Real Estate assists the new business owner by providing the option to rent a chair, shampoo bowl and other equipment, call for details.


But renting a chair is just the beginning of the terrific assistance offered by RDS Real Estate, the creator of this beautiful spa and lease packages instead of a salon agreement. When you operate within one of the Independent Stylist Operated Salon Studios, you know you are operating as a sole owner. Call RDS Real Estate now and throw away that hair stylist resume.

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