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Hair stylist chairs in your private studio

Hair stylist chairs in your private studio are the center piece really and one of the most important pieces of equipment that you’ll ever use in your career as a stylist. For that reason alone, the idea of the business ownership is the ability to be able to operate as you prefer with the equipment you choose. Another plus of ownership is never having to prepare another hair stylist resume or search for hair stylist resume examples.


But the best perk is the ability to write your own hair stylist salary and being in total control of the number of clients you accept in your day. The hardest task of hair stylist school is over, now it’s time to have fun and begin looking at the catalogues for hair stylist chairs. RDS Real Estate is the answer, with the invitation to lease a studio at their Salon and Spa Galleria, call now.

Private studio hair stylist job description

Private studio hair stylist job description is owner stylist and the choice of hair stylist supplies as that owner stylist is totally up to you. No longer do you have to use a certain brand, sell certain brands and be told how much to use and how to use it. Since you’ve learned how to become a hair stylist, now you can choose a studio and begin seeing clients as soon as you decorate it.


If you are a mobile hair stylist then you’ll love Salon and Spa Galleria for the daily, weekly or monthly rental of furnished studios. Owner stylists who want their own hair stylist chairs need to call RDS Real Estate to meet with the leasing agent of Salon and Spa Galleria for the tour and the lease package you’ve heard about. Then all that is left is your customization and décor and you can begin.

Take more hair stylist jobs

As an owner stylist you are free to take as many hair stylist jobs as you can fit in your day. You share profit with no one. You are in business for yourself, but never by yourself at the luxury spa of your peers all operating in their own private studios like you, but just a few feet away if you get lonely. The phenix salon suites is similar, but is a franchise. Salon and Spa is privately owned with no need to charge extra fees to the tenants


Choose your brand of professional beauty supplies and put them in your custom designed cabinetry within your own private studio at Salon and Spa Galleria. You can order from the professional beauty supply and have the concierge pick it up for you. You’ll also be able to rent a chair from among quality hair stylist chairs if you wish, to help you get started. Call RDS Real Estate to take a tour today.

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