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Hair salon in Grapevine is private yet supportive

A hair salon in grapevine needs to be private yet supportive in all of the important ways at the Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate. It also needs to be located in a visible yet having the look of sprawling oasis with plenty of parking and easy access. The perfect location will be convenient to many communities and these features are all found at Salon and Spa Galleria, near Keller texas.


Examine what you want in the lease property of your dreams and then tour the Salon and Spa Galleria to see if it is a perfect fit. Lease rental fantasies are born every day at this spa by RDS Real Estate, in fact all of the space by RDS is dream space with dream lease agreements. Lease retail space inside the spa as well for a boutique, like wedding shops, accessories shops and more. Call for a look at your new hair salon in grapevine at RDS Real Estate.

Hair styler of the stars studio space

Just like a hair styler of the stars, you need the star quality studio space to go with the talent and personality. Picture your space with flat screen tv for you and your clients to view your portfolio or so that the clients may choose a hairstyle. Floor to ceiling hardwood framed mirrors and special lighting for the color expert in you, and so much more is what customizing will allow you in your lease space.


Spa clients look for organic and pure products like skin lotion and make up that will quickly add profit for you when you carry a line or two along with your artistry of makeup. Call RDS Real Estate to learn all about how you can be in your own spa hair salon in grapevine in a very short time.

Upscale your hairstyling career

Upscale your hairstyling career by locating it in the Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate. Choose to give your massage therapy in an adequately furnished space. Even if your business is roving or mobile for massage in grapevine, it should be comforting to discover the spa for daily, weekly or monthly leasing.


Call RDS Real Estate to work with a leasing agent who will give you office space quotes and details plus a tour of the available places for rent within the Salon and Spa Galleria. Freedom is leasing a hair salon in grapevine at the spa. All amenities of the spa are included, you pay no extra to join into the spa community and your clients will enjoy all of the amenities too. Call now for a tour.

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