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Hair Color Experts can own their color bar | RDS Real Estate

Hair color experts as owners

If you are among the hair color experts who really would prefer to own your own color bar and in addition have it right at your fingertips, call RDS Real Estate and discover what it is like to perform your talent in a private studio that you design, equip and decorate.  In addition you choose your own hair stylist chairs and write your own hair stylist job description in one word “owner.”


Of all of the hair stylist jobs available in the area, nothing can compare to the empowerment of owning your own business. File your hair stylist resume and come home to the favorite place of the savvy hair color experts and it’s called Salon and Spa Galleria. Call RDS Real Estate for a tour.

Own your hair salon chair

Own your hair salon chair, in fact poll your clients and custom tailor your private studio to suit the needs and desires of your loyal clientele. Put away or give away the hair stylist resume examples you’ve collected because you’re not going to need them as an owner stylist. Give yourself a raise and write your own hair stylist salary as an owner stylist. Call RDS Real Estate for details.


Evenif you are just out of hair stylist school, if you have a desire to be independent and the talent to match, get ready to buy your own brand of hair stylist supplies as you will be your own boss. Just the advantage of being able to create your own color bar as hair color experts is a major asset to performing a lucrative career. Tour the Salon and Spa Galleria today.

Free hair stylist business card designs

Free hair stylist business card designs, free website, free wifi, free press releases and so much more is standard with the lease package of RDS Real Estate at Salon and Spa Galleria.  You’ve already accomplished how to become a hair stylist and proven that you are successful. Now carry that over into action using your skill, talent and desires to believe in your future and act upon it.


The  mobile hair stylist is free to rent a studio by the day, week or month, allowing for the greatest flexibility. The power of the owner stylist is to create their own future success. The franchised phenix salon suites is another form of ISO choice. Salon and Spa Galleria is the private choice, non-franchised and owner operated by the leading business consultant in the country. Hair color experts, nail artists, stylists, massage therapists, estheticians and more are invited to tour the spas today.

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