Growth with booth-rental

There can be major growth in the career of the professional who uses booth-rental to carry out their business.  Of course the hair salon chair is the one provided, and most of the time the hair stylist business card designs are that of the salon. The products used are that of the salon owner typically and the shampoo bowls are shared. Open air booths are not the preference of many clients.


Picture for a moment hair stylist chairs that were chosen, ordered and placed within your own private studio, that you have decorated, equipped and made your very own. It has your private shampoo bowl and your choice of products. You choose the lighting that allows you to work most optimally. With the help of RDS Real Estate you’ll be writing your own hair stylist job description when you opt for a different sort of booth-rental, a private studio at Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate.

Business builder tools and help

Business builder tools and help allow you to take on as many hair stylist jobs within your own business as you care to accept. Your hair stylist resume will be used as a promotion document on your free website, when you run your business in your private studio within the Salon and Spa Galleria. You can give all of the other hair stylist resume examples to someone else.


You’ll find it very rewarding to write your own hair stylist salary with the choice to run your own business and accept as many clients as you desire. The booth-rental is still alive and well in Texas, but so is the advance to the private studio, the paid for staff, the luxury spa amenities of Salon and Spa Galleria in two locations, Grapevine and Arlington. Call now and allow RDS Real Estate to show you the way.

Major benefits to hair color experts

Major benefits to hair color experts include the privilege of customizing and installing your own color bar, a major plus. Even those just graduating hair stylist school will find that the affordable leases and business assistance will allow you to be in business for yourself right from the start and choose your own  hair stylist supplies.


You’ve already accomplished the hardest part of your career and that was learning how to become a hair stylist. Now put your license and your talent to work for your success as a career business owner. If you are a mobile hair stylist that needs a flexible lease, you are in good fortune because the Salon and Spa Galleria has designated studios that are available by the day, week or month. Learn the details of this transformed style of booth-rental, call RDS Real Estate now.

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