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RDS Real Estate | Look to Grapevine Texas for the Future of Commercial Real Estate

Grapevine Texas is the place to be.


In Grapevine Texas, business is booming.  The city of Grapevine is exploding onto the real estate scene, opening up new avenues for business every week.  With the population growing consistently as it becomes the newest DFW hot spot, now is the perfect time to jump aboard and get in on the spoils.  A commercial lease in Grapevine is especially valuable right now because the property values still have quite a bit of climbing to do.  If you want to set up shop in Grapevine, now is the time.  With the Mills Grapevine mall expanding even more, to include a Lego Land, it will soon be the biggest mall in the DFW area, calling in business from all around the metroplex.


Now is the time to rent space for your business, whether small or large.  Just a few miles from Stonebriar Mall, your options aren’t limited to just Grapevine Mills Mall.  The city of Grapevine is flooded daily with people looking for places to spend their money.  People are driving into Grapevine from as far away as Southlake Texas.  This is partially because of word of mouth, but also because people are getting wind of all the spectacular stores and venues that are opening up in the city.


Retail space is ripe for the taking.  If you’re looking for a lease rental in or near Grapevine, let RDS Real Estate help you get in and start making money for your business.


Now is the time to get a Commercial Lease in Grapevine.


Lease space from Ron Sturgeon Real Estate today and you’ll quickly realize why that’s a great idea.  We’ve been leasing properties in DFW for over the past decade, so we have the experience you’ll need to get things going swiftly and efficiently.  The rates for a simple rent lease in Grapevine are rapidly inclining.  Through RDS Investments, you can also get office space quotes for both rental rates as well as insurance rates through our sister company,, who specializes in business insurance quotes.


Don’t make the mistake of searching for buildings for sale in Grapevine – the owners know that the buildings will increase in value once Grapevine absorbs a higher consumer population, so they will try to charge more than you should pay.  Look instead for a month to month lease, so that they won’t be too worried about how much money they’re getting from you.  This is the approach of RDS Real Estate.

A retail space for lease is hard to come by.  We know where they are.  Going with us will simply save you time, not to mention money.


Commercial leasing is the way of the future.  If you want your company to own its own building, have one built that custom suits your business needs.  Until then, rent.  And rent through us, because we’ll save you time and money, and provide peace of mind and confidence that you made the right decision.


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