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Grapevine Mills is home of luxury spa | RDS Real Estate

Grapevine Mills is home of luxury spa

Grapevine mills is the home of the luxury spa called Salon and Spa Galleria, a privately owned and operated facility that is the small business heaven for professionals in the beauty, wellness and related retail industries. Visit the town of Grapevine tx, if you aren’t familiar with it yet and learn of all the glamour of this popular area just off the interstate.


Professionals whose art and craft is hair will enjoy doing those hair cuts so much more in their own private studio. Now you are free to share your studio if you desire, or you can equip it as your very own. There is one location for locating your studio for hair in grapevine just outside the mall at grapevine mills and two more, in Arlington and Burleson. Call RDS Real Estate for details.

Business sense near Grapevine Mills Mall

Business sense by owning your own with support and the perfect location at Salon and Spa Galleria just outside Grapevine mills mall along with the community of like minded peers is the set up for steady success.  Any expert in the beauty and wellness fields like the estheticians for hair removal and skin care and the stylist ready to run a private spa hair salon will instantly love the spa.


Study your options and then meet with the leasing agent at RDS Real Estate to tour the available spaces for your new studio hair salon in grapevine.  If you want to own and be in control as a hair styler and desire quality accommodations and rich amenities, choose Salon and Spa Galleria at Grapevine mills by touring now.

Grapevine Texas is hot location

Grapevine texas is one of the hottest locations in the entire DFW area, which is exactly why the first Salon and Spa Galleria was created at the entrance to the mall.  Building a clientele for your hairstyling business is swift when you locate at this spa also near keller texas. You can find many other choices in a lease property, but you’ll be on your own to bring it to code.


A lease rental by RDS Real Estate is already fully operational, all you concern yourself with is your own private and immediate space. Everything else is ready and you’ll be able to jump right in and begin operating with just a rent to pay. Your clients will enjoy using all of the amenities of the spa, but you don’t have to keep them up, nor pay for them. The best of all worlds is what you’ll enjoy at the spa at Grapevine mills. Call RDS Real Estate for a tour.

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