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Recent grads of Hair Stylist School begin ownership | RDS Real Estate

Recent grads of hair stylist school

Recent grads of hair stylist school can begin immediately as owner stylists, estheticians, cosmetologists, nail artists with the assistance of RDS Real Estate and a private studio for lease at Salon and Spa Galleria. As a mobile hair stylist you are not forgotten, the spa has designed a special equipped studio for you to lease daily, weekly or monthly for the flexibility you need.


But as an owner stylist at Salon and Spa Galleria, you will have a clean slate to create, equip, decorate and make your very own.  This spa is similar in idea to the phenix salon suites, but is not a franchise, it is privately owned and operated by RDS Real Estate. Choose your brand professional beauty supplies as you are your own boss and perhaps right out of hair stylist school, call for details.

Branded hair stylist supplies of your choice

Branded hair stylist supplies of your choice are what you have to look forward to when you are in business for yourself at Salon and spa Galleria and so are custom shelves if you like. But choosing your own professional beauty supply is just the beginning. Just starting out can be assisted by the option of choosing to rent a chair.


But renting a chair is just the beginning, you can rent any equipment you need to get started and for just pennies. There is no reason to wait if you have the desire and the talent, just give a call to RDS Real Estate for a consultation and a look at the lease packages, not a salon agreement but a lease. Yes, just out of hair stylist school and ownership, no problem.

Finished learning how to become a hair stylist

So you’ve just finished learning how to become a hair stylist and you want to see the Independent Stylist Operated Salon Studios that can help you to write your future. These Independent Stylist Operated Suites not only serve the community, but are instrumental in helping you to develop your personality and talent and fulfill your purpose in your career.


Sit down today with the leasing agent at RDS Real Estate to learn more, go on a tour and select one of these ISO Salon Suites as your very own.  As an ISO you’ll enjoy the full benefits of business ownership and can invite your clients to your newly created private studio, designed for their comfort and service. Call now, even just out of hair stylist school, if you are independent minded and ready for action.

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