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Free and fresh Hair Stylist Business Card Designs | RDS Real Estate

Free and fresh hair stylist business card designs

Free and fresh hair stylist business card designs are a perk when you lease a private studio at Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate. If you don’t want to take another one of the hair stylist jobs or deal with another  hair stylist resume and the hunt for hair stylist resume examples and are ready to be an owner stylist, then you are in the right place. Call RDS Real Estate today.


Your hair stylist salary doesn’t have to be limited, in fact you can rewrite it by calling for a tour of the Salon and Spa Galleria to choose the studio of your choice, meet the staff, see the amenities of the spa and meet with the leasing agent to discuss the custom lease packages available. See a sample of the hair stylist business card designs that don’t even have to have the name of the spa on it. Call now and begin.

Client comfort in hair stylist chairs

Client comfort in hair stylist chairs is the goal of every stylist who has loyal clients they want to please and pamper. If you are just out of hair stylist school and desire to move right into stylist ownership, you are also in the right place. Bring your desire, talent and license to use in your own private studio at Salon and Spa Galleria. Call RDS Real Estate for details.


Own your hair stylist supplies in the brands you love and build special custom shelves in your studio to hold them if you want. The toughest part of your career is over and that was learning how to become a hair stylist, now it is time to put it to use in the most desirable way, ownership.  Flexibility is the word for the mobile hair stylist who will find a studio available by the day, week or month. See your future hair stylist business card designs at RDS Real Estate.

Rewrite your hair stylist job description

Rewrite your own hair stylist job description to that of an owner stylist with the new lease of a private studio by calling RDS Real Estate now. The franchise phenix salon suites is a similar opportunity except that Salon and Spa Galleria isn’t a franchise and therefore has no franchise fees to pass on to the tenants to absorb in their rent. Call for details today and choose your studio to begin decorating.


Order your favorite professional beauty supplies, or have the concierge order from the professional beauty supply for you. Your hair stylist business card designs are ready and waiting for you to begin. Take a tour of the spa today, meet the staff, visualize yourself within the posh environment and picture the delight of your clients as they come in to see you for your services. It is within your reach, just call.

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