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Fort Worth Automotive Space for Lease

In Search Of Auto Shop Space In Fort Worth?

It isn’t always hard to find auto shop space in Fort Worth. The problem is finding a space you actually want to lease. There are more than a few potential landlords who want nothing to do with what they see as the dirty, smelly business of fixing and restoring cars. And most of the folks who will rent the space for a car shop have a reason — often enough, it isn’t exactly the best space for a business.

That’s why you should consider RDS Real Estate. Our founder, Ron Sturgeon, is more than happy to accommodate someone who wants to open an auto repair shop. Why? Because he’s been a part of the auto business for his entire working life!

  • Ron opened a VW repair business after getting out of high school.
  • He branched out—very successfully—into the auto recycling business.
  • Nowadays, he runs an exotic car rental business.

RDS Real Estate leases a variety of properties in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, including a selection of industrial properties in Tarrant County and Fort Worth. But he hasn’t forgotten his roots—some of his tenants today are auto shops!

RDS Real Estate Has The Space You’re Looking For

We’ve got properties in full view of some of the largest highways in the area, including an industrial park just a half-mile from Airport Freeway. And if you’re thinking about opening a shop or relocating in fast-growing north Ft. Worth, near Alliance Airport, we’ve got plenty of options up that way, too.

And if you lease commercial space from Ron Sturgeon, you’re entering into a relationship with a landlord who knows his way around the business. He’ll understand the sort of issues you’re facing, because he’s been there himself.

Let’s see — that means you can get a landlord who has the kind of space you want and the kind of understanding you need. Sounds like a winning combination, doesn’t it? Check out our properties, and then get in touch with RDS Real Estate today!

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