New form booth rental

There is a new form of booth rental on the scene, and it is actually a lease package but not for an open air  booth rental in Arlington but a private studio suite with locking door, in the community of like minded professionals operating in their own studios and located inside a beautiful spa called Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate. The new type booth rental contract is mostly about leasing the space, rates and the amenities that come with it instead of do’s and don’ts.


You’ll find that with this form of booth rental contracts you take on an independent stance, retain all of your earnings save paying your rent and have so much more than the typical booth rentals. Your new space will be custom designed by you, decorated by you and equipped by you. You’ll sell your own products and retain 100% of your proceeds. Call RDS Real Estate to learn more before you decide on booth rental.

Transformed booth rental agreement

The totally transformed booth rental agreement and booth-rental is a true vehicle for the serious  business builder professionals. Grow your clientele quickly at this superior location called Salon and Spa Galleria. If you are one of the hair color experts who has been longing for their own color bar and client chair plus shampoo bowl, hurry on over to RDS Real Estate.


That Italian imported hair salon chair with electric hydraulics you’ve been drooling over is now within your reach. RDS Real Estate has totally transformed the typical booth rental and with that move, has offered the professional in the beauty, health and wellness choice. That choice could very well be the single most important one you’ll make the move to in your career. Call now.

Booth rental agreements you can appreciate

For booth rental agreements you can appreciate, call for a meeting with the leasing agent of Salon and Spa Galleria at RDS Real Estate. You’ll see the lease package and take a tour of the spa. You’ll realize the many perks that come with your lease like free hair stylist business card designs and free website, free wifi and free press releases. Salon and Spa Galleria has two prime locations, Grapevine and Arlington.


You’ll learn that you have the option of leasing hair stylist chairs and other equipment if you choose. Forget hair stylist jobs in favor of writing your own hair stylist job description and take control of your future by small business ownership.  RDS Real Estate offers a step beyond the normal booth rental and you are urged to learn more about it by calling now.

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