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Forward thinking Fashion Designers are a natural for boutiques | RDS Real Estate

Utilize forward thinking fashion designers

Utilize forward thinking fashion designers which are a natural for boutiques within Salon and Spa Galleria where clients are looking for special and unique clothing and accessories. You can open your unique fashion boutique by calling RDS Real Estate for a tour of the Salon and Spa Galleria and selecting your private studio, get details on the lease package and meet the helpful and friendly staff.


The wellness and beauty spa is a great match for your boutique fashion studio and is a great backdrop for fashion shows, trunk shows and image consultations. The hardest task of opening a boutique at the spa is choosing the fashion designer you’ll incorporate. Made to order boutique shops are hard to come by and so are made to order lease spaces. The spa will meet your expectations as do your fashion designers. Call now.

Open new boutiques in a spa

Open new boutiques in a spa where each tenant has a private space and has asserted their personalities in their décor, their custom features installed and their professions. The clients who have discovered the Salon and Spa Galleria welcome uniqueness in the boutiques, releasing them from the typical fashion stores that don’t offer individualism.


If you have your sights of opening a wedding dress boutique, you’ll appreciate the studio spaces that are perfection plus for your boutique. Fortune and fashion boutiques could be in your future with a call and a tour of the spa with RDS Real Estate leasing agent. See your bridal shop welcoming brides by the fall and employing favorite fashion designers in the next few weeks. Your future awaits, call now.

Trademarked wedding boutique

A trademarked wedding boutique can be a goal of any business owner who is a designer of gowns and the superb studio space at Salon and Spa Galleria is the perfect backdrop for your talent. If you are a designer who desires to offer your creations in your own jewelry boutique, call and tour for a private studio in this very unique  luxury spa.


The idea of opening a boutique jewelry studio within the very prime location of the spas in Grapevine and Arlington is clever and innovative. Open a clothing store for honeymoon travel in the wedding shop of your dreams where your favorite fashion designers are represented and your trademarked gowns are showcased. Call RDS Real Estate for details now.