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The era of redesigned Booth Rentals has come of age | RDS Real Estate

New era of redesigned booth rentals

The era of redesigned booth rentals has come of age with the inception of Salon and Spa Galleria by RDS Real Estate. This is a seriously vital change especially for hair color experts who with the ability to customize a private studio can now build their own color bar and use their own hair salon chair much to their delight and advance of their career.


Your new lease package includes free hair stylist business card designs as one of the many tools in your lease package for business building. You will also have the option of leasing hair stylist chairs if you are just getting started.  Affordable private studios that you are able to customize is in distinct contrast to the non-private and already equipped booth rentals. Call RDS Real Estate for details.

Booth-rental turned private

The booth-rental turned private is actually a sizeable private studio with locking door that you are free to make your own and portray your personality and your talent. You’ll be writing your own hair stylist job description and manage your own hair stylist jobs as the owner of your business. RDS Real Estate has been helping small businesses to success for many years and is now offering assistance to the beauty and wellness industry with their spas.


Your hair stylist resume and hair stylist resume examples can be filed away with the idea of booth rentals when you discover Salon and Spa Galleria, private studios and freedom with RDS Real Estate. Tour now with a leasing agent and choose your perfect private studio, learn all of the amenities of the spa and begin your career journey.

Serious spa business builder

Now that you have found the serious business builder assistance of RDS Real Estate you are well on your way to the serious hair stylist salary that you are desirous of. This is possible even for the recent grad of hair stylist school. Affordable lease packages, great business support and customizable studio, makes for the best chance of your optimal success.


You’ll be choosing your own brand of hair stylist supplies, equipment and retaining 100% of your earnings. Soon you’ll be encouraging others on how to become a hair stylist and how to be a business owner. Choose booth rentals or choose private studios, the choice is clear and the choice is yours. Call RDS Real Estate today for assistance and a tour of Salon and Spa Galleria.

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